An amazing hat with the Sweet Dreams fabric!

An amazing hat with the Sweet Dreams fabric!

The fabric designed by Schmid was chosen by The Hat Magazine for the realization of a prototype by Paul Stafford

The international reference point for headwear trends has a name: The Hat Magazine. Founded in the UK in 1999, this independent magazine offers every three months a privileged review of the hats industry to the benefit of designers, retailers and fashion journalists.

In the course of the last edition of Première Vision in Paris, The Hat Magazine buyers only had to glance at our creations, in particular at the Sweet Dreams fabric, to come up with a unique hat, to be commissioned to an internationally renowned designer: Paul Stafford, the founder of the fashion house The Season Hats.

The fabric chosen to create the hat is a laser-cut satin that is combined with a solid tulle base and is then finished off again with laser. The second cutting round goes through both layers of the material, creating a geometric 3D accordion pattern. The result is a very thick fabric with a detailed, close and regular weave. Sweet Dreams is part of the Endless Future line from the 2020 Spring/Summer collection.

The working process is described in detail in the article A Milliner’s Vision on… published in the August issue of The Hat Magazine. You can find it in our section press review!

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