Endless Future: for next spring, a hymn to modernity between great classics and new experiments

Endless Future: for next spring, a hymn to modernity between great classics and new experiments

Twenty-two fabrics, a single mood of modernist inspiration that represents Schmid's ideological brand of innovation in the field of fashion.

Shimmering treatments with 3D effects, fluorescent colours with a strong visual impact, irregular geometries, revivals of classics with a contemporary twist: twenty-two fabrics and a single modernist mood, which we have called Endless Future. These treatments, which are part of our Spring/Summer 2020 collection, embody the ideological footprint of Schmid in innovating fashion.

In Rimbaud’s words, «One must be absolutely modern». Ample room is thus given to vitality, to free and irregular geometries to abolish rigour: these twenty-two fabrics are an ode to dynamism, the perfect medium between fashion, art and practicality. From Tech Plastic Satins like Rombon, resulting from hot forming on brightly coloured PVC, to Mirroring PVCs like Squama, a lamination on a mirror base with a 3D effect.

It is impossible not to be fascinated by Micro Urban Design: this has led to Zelda, a jacquard fabric with Lurex threads that create a micro-pattern with a tie-like feel, and Olivia, another extremely geometric jacquard, where classic polka dots lie on primary colours.

And, lastly, we plunge into romantic and avant-garde aesthetics with our Lines and Laces fabrics. Like Avenue, a close weave lace combined with a net, inspired by Toulouse Lautrec’s prints. Or Sonora Sparkle, a thickened net with a glitter coating and a bright 3D effect.

Free, creative, provocative, but suitable for every occasion: If you want to concretely touch our Endless Future fabrics and discover their endless possibilities of use, just click here.

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