Schmid’s social commitment is conveyed within prison walls: find out more at Lineapelle!

Schmid’s social commitment is conveyed within prison walls: find out more at Lineapelle!

The satin bags made by the women of the Alice Cooperative at the Milan fashion fair.

In the heart of Made in Italy fashion, this event brings together the best of Italian and international textile production: we are talking about Lineapelle, which is being held these days at Rho Fieramilano. Schmid could not but be present at this key event dedicated to the world of hides, accessories and fabrics, to convey the creative spirit of its brand new Spring/Summer 2020 collection.

It is in this scenario that Schmid has decided to confirm its commitment to a project that is really close to its heart, the one with Sartoria San Vittore – a fashion brand that first arose out of the historical experience of Cooperativa Alice – which has been active for over 25 years in training and reintegrating women prisoners serving their sentence in the prisons of Monza, San Vittore and Bollate.

Research and style, ethics and social promotion: these are the pillars on which Sartoria’s activity is grounded. The women prisoners follow training courses in prison and, after learning the craft, they work on creating wedding dresses, ready-to-wear garments, robes for judges, etc. …and accessories. It is precisely an accessory – a raffia bag that is available in dark blue, black and light green – that we have decided to order from Sartoria S. Vittore for Lineapelle.

Thanks to the skills these women have learnt, they will have a better chance to avoid reoffending. Therefore, we can only be proud for having offered for years and for continuing to offer our (small) contribution to the execution of this project. From our fabrics to the sartorial work of these women up to your hands: let yourself be fascinated by these creations. We look forward to seeing you at Pavilion 9P, from sector G21 to G29 and from H22 to H30.

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