Long life to velvet (and glitter) thanks to the collaboration with Progetto Quid!

Long life to velvet (and glitter) thanks to the collaboration with Progetto Quid!

Our company chose to donate 2,300 meters of textile materials for the creation of ethical and high quality accessories.

Our journey toward more ethical and sustainable fashion cannot but go alongside social commitment. At Schmid we have always paid attention both to product quality and traceability and to the possibility to have a positive impact on the society around us.

This is the vision behind our partnership with Progetto Quid, a social enterprise from Verona that was founded by Anna Fiscale and that is designed to find a job for vulnerable people, especially women, who have fought and overcome difficult personal or social issues.

It is precisely to Progetto Quid that our company decided to donate almost 2,300 metres of high-quality fabric, composed mainly of soft and smooth velvet and ultra-shiny glitter, which was then used to create three accessories for the Progetto Quid fashion line. A backpack with a burgundy velvet base by Schmid combined with eco leather, and two different types of pencil cases, made entirely in velvet or glitter.

These accessories were hand-created by women with a fragile past, who were thus given the opportunity to be reintegrated into the labour market by being engaged in an activity that could both meet market logics and foster their active participation in beauty and creativity, emotions that only fashion can give!

Therefore, this partnership is intended both to reduce material waste and to support an important social project, thus laying the foundations for a long-lasting partnership that stretches and enriches the lives of our products, giving them a new purpose.

The collection is available exclusively until the end of the Milan Fashion Week, in the new shop of Progetto Quid, Quid Store, Corso di Porta Ticinese, 73 in Milan: go and stop by!

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