Animal patterns for alluring accessories

Animal patterns for alluring accessories

Refined, adventurous, exotic. Shoes and bags with animal prints are a top trend of the upcoming cold season.

Has animalier gone out of fashion? Absolutely not. Each season allows you to unleash your wild side. This fall/winter will be no different.

Refined, adventurous, with an unmistakable exotic feel. It is no coincidence that shoes and bags with animal prints are once again a top trend of the upcoming cold season.

Leopard, tiger and camouflage patterns embellish the must-have accessories of next fall/winter, exuding charm and sensuality.

In line with these trends, Schmid has created three outstanding animal fabrics. A reflective printed jeans fabric with a leopard pattern, modern and luminescent, with a contrasting visual effect, available in black, medium-dark blue and light blue.

A jacquard with lurex reflections and a safari-camouflage pattern, available in both classic and quilted versions and in six different colours, ideal for interior upholstery and the padding of any accessory.

And, lastly, a jacquard with a tiger pattern and contrasting hues. Its warm and soft texture and the wide variety of bright and lively colours it comes in make it an extremely versatile fabric: it can be applied inside footwear but also on the outside of a multicoloured maxi-bag.

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