Timeless elegance

Timeless elegance

Old (and new) obsession of fall/winter 2020-2021 fashion, satin does not spare any model of elegant shoes with heels.

Refined, bright, soft and timeless just like the fabric they are made of: the trendy shoes for next winter are satin evening shoes.

An old (and new) obsession for 2020-2021 Fall/Winter fashion, satin can be found on any elegant heel shoe. Perfect even without stockings, matched with long or short dresses, open-toe satin mules, evening sandals with buckles and jewel details, and classic satin court shoes with bows at the ankles and stiletto heels will be a must in every woman’s wardrobe.

Due to the times we are living in, trends turn to the dictates of tradition, yet without giving up that touch of innovation that makes all the difference. Schmid’s 2020-2021 Fall/Winter collection features a unique satin fabric: a thermoformed fabric with a very thin striped pattern that creates a slight 3D effect.

Elegant, soft, ultra-shiny, this satin is perfect for both classic accessories and bold ones.

The satin from the Schmid collection is available in seven colours to meet all your creative needs. To request it, contact us!

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